A diamond suspended, its light unhindered, its beauty unaltered.
This is Bacio Bacio.

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heirs of tradition

A project such as Bacio Bacio needs someone that truly believes in it to come alive. Its perfect partners were found in the artisans of Vicenza's hinterland, a city brimming with art, where the clutches of modernity and industrialization haven't yet tightened around these small, traditional realities.

The resulting jewels are alive, unique, each different from the next and yet all shining with the same, extraordinary light.

Warmth and ice, tradition and innovation. There it is. Welcome Bacio Bacio.

heirs of tradition 1
heirs of tradition 2
heirs of tradition 3

Natural, brilliant-cut diamonds. Blood free.

  • Width: 2,00 mm
  • Height: 1,20 mm

Height and width may vary slightly, but every diamond is exactly 0,03 carats.

briar root

Italian heather briarwood, sustainably pruned.
Treated with natural resin only.
Each cut of wood is carefully selected for its beauty, and the natural shades and streaks give every piece warmth and uniqueness.
As the wood is 100% natural, we recommend you avoid prolonged exposure to liquids.


Nickel-free 585 Silver.

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